New Book, New Workout, New Years!

So I got this book from my sister as a Christmas gift and its called “The Eat-Clean Diet” by Tosca Reno. Surprisingly it’s really useful and informative. Don’t let the word ‘diet’ in the title fool you though… I wouldn’t say its a book like The South Beach Diet and all those other books that tell you how much and what to eat in order to lose X amount of weight. It explains why you should eat certain foods and how it plays a role in your body and metabolism. For example, it talks about the role of fiber and what foods you can find it in, why you should consume water, the effects of complex carbs & protein, etc. I’m starting the new year off by “clean eating” and I started a few days ago. I gotta tell you though that so far I’m liking it. I went grocery shopping the other day and got lots of fruits, vegetables, items containing no sugar or wasn’t processed. It wasn’t cheap either but in the long run it’s going to benefit my health so that to me is worth it. The trick is now is that it tells you to eat 6 small meals a day. I barely make the normal 3 meals a day but I am working on it slowly. I am eating breakfast now so that’s a start! Normally I’d wake up at about 9, drink water with my hydroxycut pill, and then go workout for 2 hours while drinking muscle milk. I do realize that doing that wasn’t healthy, but we all do things that isn’t good for us every now and then. But anyways, I’ll keep you posted on how this clean eating is working for me, the author also writes in Oxygen Magazine so yall should check it out, very useful information!
I read an article about a new workout called the SFS Workout, well its new to me. SFS would be short for slow-fast-slow. Basically, it says to do 10 reps slow, focusing on the movement, then do 10 reps fast, allowing to cheat (ie. use of momentum), and then the last 10 reps slow again, making sure to focus and squeeze at the peak of contraction. I haven’t done it yet but I plan to, probably tomorrow actually. But I just thought that it was new and interesting and would throw that in there. It’s supposed to result in deep muscle soreness and an upper energy response.

I’m excited! Friday I fill out all my paperwork to get started as a trainer. I’ve been working on my health questionnaire these past few days and finishing up my prices, policies, and all that great business stuff.
So when I move to Knoxville I’m hoping that since its in between mountains that there will be more recreational things to do such as indoor rock climbing. I did that when I was in Arizona and I absolutely LOVED it! First time I tried ‘bouldering’ there too and thats even more fun. I definitely want to get more into that kind of stuff. Living where I’m at now doesn’t really allow for opportunities like rock climbing! I asked this guy there how to boulder walls that pretty much curve up into the ceiling and he showed me and he totally could have fooled me if he had a spider man suit on! It was pretty cool… and that takes alot of upper body strength and leg strength. And then I saw this guy doing pull-ups with only his 2 fingers! I was in awe…. but thats enough ranting for now. Have a happy new years and don’t get too wasted! :o)


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