Staying Healthy and Traveling

So I never realized how much I love the wonderful ground til yesterday. I was on the plane coming to Phoenix to visit my sister here and boy oh boy did I feel horrible! The first flight to Houston wasn’t so bad because it was only about an hour and 15 to get there, but the 2nd flight was longer and the more I stayed in the air… puke city here I come! My head just couldn’t take the air pressure. I felt like that morning after I had gotten a concussion after a rugby match. My head was spinning after waking up, I saw floating spots out the corner of my eyes and I couldn’t even keep down ibuprofin in my stomach. BUT, I am better now that I am safe on the ground!

Keeping a healthy diet is hard when traveling. The airports have lots of little restaurants and convenient stores and so going to just “grab a quick snack” can be tricky. My advice is to make sure you eat something fulfilling before you go. And if not, then resist the temptation to get chips, candy, etc. Many places now give you “healthier” choices instead of your everyday processed food items. Hell, grab an apple! It contains lots of fiber, which makes you feel fuller, longer, and it has other nutrients thats good for you. Even though the stick of snickers over yonder is serenading you to pick it up, you’ll feel better that you ate that apple. Really, if you think about it, its all in your head, its all about controlling your mindset and disciplining yourself to choose the healthier item than the bad item. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but you gotta start somewhere! Just try and think about how you’ll feel after you eat that apple compared to the snickers. I’ll even admit that its hard for me at times, but at the end of the day, I feel satisfied and proud of myself that I didn’t eat anything bad. Plus, my stomach will definitely thank me later for it!
I do like the fact that airlines nowadays only give you like a small bag of peanuts or like those 100 calorie bag snacks. Maybe they’re tryin to cut down on those people who take up 2 seats. :o/ I mean we are like the fattest country right? But, like I said, you gotta start somewhere, and doing that is a start. Now if we can just get people to get up off the couch and actually do something!!!!!!
Okay, need more tylenol, head still hurts from yesterday…



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