My 1st post… wooo, and more to come

Okay so I decided to do this because I was listening to the fit cast about “accountability.” How if we set small goals and have something to “account” for then the probability of us achieving our goals will have a better success rate. For example, as a personal fitness trainer, I am accountable to my clients and the public of looking as if I’m in shape… therefore, they would be a reason for me to exercise daily and eat right. If we don’t have anything to look forward to then why the hell are we doing things to begin with?! But remember, set REALISTIC goals and not “I’m going to fit in those size 2 pants” kind of goals. Doing that could lead to bad habits!! So to keep myself in check I plan on writing, well, “typing” down my exercise & nutrition status on here, cuz well… lets face it, we’re only human and achieving “the perfect body” is not possible in my eyes, but I can motivate myself to stay fit and healthy. I plan on being pretty brutally honest on here as well… and I definitely don’t wanna put on here that I stuffed my face with one of those delicious white chocolate molten cakes from Chili’s (YUMMM), so the motivation there would be to NOT eat that so I don’t have to write it down and feel guilty about it. Get the jist?! Okay, good.

So far I feel great about the holidays and staying in shape. I definitely have not gorged myself with turkey/stuffing/pie, pretty much the works that the wonderful holidays bring to us. I have continued to workout every morning (except Sundays) with my split routine of upper & lower body. I workout at Anytime Fitness as well so being at home isn’t so bad when I have a gym I can get into pretty much anywhere!
My foot has healed up much better (had a Lis-Franc Ligament Injury) from my last rugby match about a month ago so I am able to put more cardio into my routine again. This morning I was on the treadmill for about 15 minutes total, increasing & decreasing my intensity levels every 3 – 5 minutes. I would start out briskly walking and work my way into a jog for about a minute, and then a run for 2 -3 minutes, and then an intense run for 1 – 2 minutes (70-75% intensity). Doing that helps with the boredom of being on a treadmill; plus it gets me sweating pretty fast too.


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